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When Yugoslavia became a member of the IAESTE association in 1952, a student exchange programme started in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in the other former Yugoslav republics. After a long eight year pause (1991- 1999) a group of students from Banja Luka supported by the Rector of University and Minister of Science and Culture applied for membership into IAESTE. At the General Conference in January of 2000 held in Washington, IAESTE BiH was accepted as a Cooperation Institution. Subsequently at the General Conference in Vienna (January, 2004) IAESTE BiH became a joined IAESTE member and Banja Luka was declared as the National Commitee of the IAESTE BiH organisation. Finally, at the General Conference in Lisabon (2007) IAESTE BiH officially became a fully accepted IAESTE member and this far is working succesfully.

Structure of IAESTE BiH

IAESTE BiH is a non-political, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. Participation in an IAESTE exchange is possible for all students from universities or technological instituions or any similar institution of higher education in cities with a IAESTE BiH Office. Along with the development of IAESTE BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina received Local Commitees in Sarajevo and Mostar however, this is not the end of its expansion with IAESTE BiH planning to open more local commitees.

All forms of study where practical experience is recommended throughout studying are potentially included in IAESTE exchanges. Thanks to devoted voluntary work of IAESTE BiH members, Bosnia and Herzegovina has resulted in a small but effective cooperative institution of the IAESTE Association.

IAESTE LC Sarajevo, iaeste.sarajevo [at]

IAESTE NC Banja Luka, iaestebih [at]

IAESTE LC Mostar, iaeste.mostar [at]