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History of IAESTE Croatia

The University of Zagreb, along with the University of Belgrade, was the initiator of the quick connection to IAESTE association in 1952 as the 16th member. For a long time it influenced only on these two Universities and later was joined by the University of Ljubljana. Spreading the idea of IAESTE in Croatia was continued by founding Local Committees at Universities in Split and Rijeka and finished in Osijek, where the Local Committee was founded in 1986. Over two thousand Croatian students since 1952 travelled round the world and actualized professional internships in small and big companies through IAESTE.

By falling apart of Yugoslavia, Croatia had got a recognized part in the IAESTE association. On 16th of January 1992 Croatia had got the status of associated member and on 15th of January 1993 the full membership. Despite the war and troubles association maintained and continued with work even in the hard times. The new rise of the international exchange in Croatia was experienced after the war ending, so in the last 5 years international exchanges are doubled and every year is getting over 100.

Many of our prominent professors, scientists and officials remember their IAESTE internships.

Structure of IAESTE Croatia

IAESTE Croatia is a non-political, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. It is registered as a student organization at the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology and also as a public organization of the Institute of Public Administration under the number MB: 01441094 (OIB: 41387238762).

IAESTE Croatia operates through National Committee based in Zagreb and four Local Committees at all major universities in the Republic of Croatia:

University of Zagreb

University of Osijek

University of Split

University of Rijeka

The Association is a legal entity and has a statute that is certified by the relevant services and a number of additional regulations and decisions with which define the legal and lawful functioning of the Association.

Survival of IAESTE in Croatia is provided by voluntary work of students on the collection of professional internships and sponsorships, on organization of the foreign students incoming and other everyday tasks.