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IAESTE Hungary
H-1081 Budapest
Népszínház u. 8


IAESTE Hungary is a member of IAESTE a.s.b.l. since 1983.IAESTE Hungary consists of 6 local committees, which are all from universities in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, however they all have contacts to other Hungarian cities as well, in 2013 there are almost 40 companies who accepted to receive interns through our organization.

International exchange program

  • Over 60 Hungarian students have the opportunity to do their internships abroad thanks to IAESTE Hungary and just as many foreign students can come to Hungary to do the same.
  • During the summer the students participate in the Summer Reception. There are many oportunities to spend their free time actively, such as cultural programmes like the national evenings (especially the Hungarian Evening), concerts, trips on the countryside, not to mention the Summer Receprtion’s biggest event, the Budapest Weekend. During Budapest Weekend many trainees and IAESTE members from other regional countries come to Budapest to discover the city and participate in a fun weekend with all the Hungarian trainees and IAESTE members.
  • For our outgoing students we always have a contest where all the students have the opportunity to send us photos and reports about their internship.

Other projects

  • Óbuda University Jobfair, twice every year with the participation of over 40 companies and organizations
  • Engineering contests
  • Organizing factory visits