LC Munich - Germany

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IAESTE an der TUM e.V.
Arcisstr. 17
80333 München

Technische Universität München (TUM)
Ludwigs Maximilians Universität (LMU)


The IAESTE Local Comittee in Munich is a student run IAESTE comittee. Students from all kinds of different study fields work unsalaried to provide interns and studets from the unversity with the best experience in Munich and abroad. Projects involve the organization of the exchange incoming and outgoing, career projects, workshops for member development, activities for members and interns among others. IAESTE LC Munich is a registered associaction in Munich.

Offers for companies

IAESTE exchange - The IAESTE exchange program is the core activity of all IAESTE bodies. For more than 65 years IAESTE is exchanging internship placements worldwide with great success. LC Munich is working together with various companies and institutions in Munich. We are always searching for new companies to partner with us so if your company is interested, bring internationality to your company and benefit from a worlwide pool of experts! Contact us today! More information can be found here.

IAESTE Online Career Fair - A brand new career project that connects european companies and institutions with students from the whole continent. Via an online platform IAESTE gives companies and students the opportunity to extend their search for highly trained and motivated students and recent graduates. If your company is situated in Germany and wants to take part in the IAESTE Online Career Fair please contact us! More information here.

IAESTE Company Shuttle - The IAESTE FiSh (FirmenShuttle) arrived in Munich. In close cooperation with other IAESTE countries we bring the highly qualified students to your company. Professional atmosphere and small groups ensure that you get to know future employees on a personal level. Sign up for the IAESTE Company Shuttle to make a stop at your company! More information here.

Offers for students

You are a student interested in going abroad and develop new skills? Then join us in our team or go abroad with the IAESTE Exchange Program. In our team you will develop all the skills you will need in your job in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The IAESTE Exchang Program gives you the opportunity to go on worldwide internship in one of over 85 member countries.

Exchange, Share, Experience! Join the IAESTE community!