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IAESTE Slovenia
Vojkova 63
1000 Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana
University of Maribor

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LEAP 2017 30 Aug 2017 (All day)
IAESTE Slovenia working weekend


IAESTE Slovenia's Structure

IAESTE Slovenia, a student run non-profit organization, has been a member of the IAESTE family since 1993. We are one of the IAESTE member countries with most students sent abroad on an internship per million inhabitants. IAESTE Slovenia is run by the National Committee (NC), situated in Ljubljana, and one of its important roles is to coordinate activities in 2 Local Committees (LC); in Maribor and Ljubljana.

IAESTE Slovenia in numbers

  • Student Members: approx. 120
  • Active Members: approx. 30
  • Annual exchanged offers: approx. 40
  • Students sent abroad since 1993: almost 1000


  • IAESTE TECONOMY Maribor IAESTE Teconomy Maribor -since 2013
    -companies from Slovenia and Austria
    -cooperation with several Universities from Slovenia and abroad
    -2013: 17 companies, 10 organizations, 4000 visitors

  • IaesteTech in Ljubljana
    -monthly project is devided in 4 part: Life Science, Civil Engineering, Technology and Entrepreneurship
    -successful companies, entrepreneurs, university professors have useful and interesting workshops and lectures
    -all topics concern current problems from todays society
    IAESTEtech -most of Life Science, Engineering and Technology faculties in Ljubljana are actively included
    -participating students learn about new possibilities of research and employment and acquire another perspective on seeing and solving different challenges