Career Fair Twinning

Career Fairs (CF) are one of the backbones of IAESTE in Europe. They attract hundreds of employers and thousands of visitors.

Organizing a career fair is a complex task that involves contact with employers, creation and distribution of printed marketing material and logistics, among many other things. Exchange of knowledge is crucial to constantly improve our career fairs -- that's why we organize Career Fair Twinnings.

Career fair twinning partner committees agree to send a delegation to each other's career fair in order to support and learn from each other, because working together is the best way to learn...

What should I do if I want to invite people to my IAESTE Career Fair?

Send an e-mail to Maros Kosar ( maros.kosar [at] ) with information that answers these questions:
- Who are you? (Name and LC)
- When do you want the delegates to come?
- How many delegates do you want to come ?
- Do you want the Central European Region (CER) team to contact other LC's for you?
- What is the planned itinerary and tasks?
- What will you offer them? (Place to sleep, food, guide, etc.)
- What should delegates should bring?

What should I do if I want to go on Career Fair Twinning?

Your CF coordinator will receive information about invitations from other countries via e-mail regularly. If you are interested in joining one of the delegations, please contact your local/national career fair coordinator.