Teamspeak Server

IAESTE Austria runs a TeamSpeak 3 server. For the moment, everyone is free to use it for meetings. If we run into difficulties (too many users), we will have to create rules about usage, but for the moment feel free to try it out.

What is Teamspeak 3?

TeamSpeak is a VoIP-Software, originally made for communication during online games. For this application, reliability and speed are crucial. Today, the software has become very popular for audio conferences. No video is available.

Advantages compared to other systems

  • The software runs on our server, that means nobody outside IAESTE can record conversations.
  • The client is very easy to use
  • Performance and quality are very good
  • Everyone can login at any time without creating a username / password or requiring an invite.
  • Very little ressources are required client-side which is good for users with slow internet connections and hardware requiring batteries.

What do I need?

You need to install the Client-Software (very easy!):

How do I use it?

  • Start the client
  • Configure your headset / mic. We recommend to use the "push-to-talk" setting to avoid accidental transmissions.
  • Choose "Connection" >> "Connect" and enter the data of the server, connect
  • Create a bookmark if you like

Server data

Please log in to access the page containing server data