LEAP - LCs of Europe Are Partners

For who?

*For experienced members, who have been in IAESTE for more than 6 months.

*For experienced members of IAESTE, who want to gain new contacts.

*For those, who aim high in IAESTE structure as well as get professional skills.

*For those, who don't think they are too old for fun.


Because it is an event, where experienced members meet and work together on workshops led by professionals. Sharing knowledge, new skills, tools and methods - all those are to be found at LEAP. Also you get to know better local country!

What will be the outcome?

Members of IAESTE will get to learn new tools, techniques and skills, which they can apply on projects and teach their LCs. It will improve cooperation between LCs, thanks to the knowlege sharing workshops.


LEAP 2016 takes place on 31.8.-04.9.2016 in Wagrain, Austria. ---> Find further information asap on the website and on facebook!