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Advanced Leadership online course

Brief course description

Advanced Leadership online course for experienced IAESTE members, who would like to learn and interact with others IAESTE leaders from all over the Europe.

About the course:

Improved leadership skill of our members can strongly support our association in becoming more successful. This new online course exactly aims on providing the opportunity for IAESTE members from all over Europe to further develop their skills. Course duration: 6 weeks ( February 2nd- March 22nd 2015) Work load: approx. 3 hours/week

Course format

This online course will provide you online reading material and videos about leadership. Additionally there will be tasks and assignments in every course week, which you can work on alone or in groups to reflect about your past leadership experiences, while sharing it with others. For discussing videos and other reading materials and also the assignments there will be a common Facebook group and also weekly Skype meetings.

Interested? Register here (registration deadline is February 20th 2015)

Course leaders: Nives Naraglav, Teresa Torzicky and Kinga Urbanek