Recruiting Programs

IAESTE organizations throughout Europe operate a number of recruiting programs to bring students, research and employers together. Some of the projects run all year long, some only a few days. In many cases, advance registration is required.

Upcoming Events

No events planned at the moment. Please check again soon!

IAESTE Career Shuttle

IAESTE Career Shuttle LogoNext Career Shuttle 19.May - 23.June 2014

IAESTE Career Shuttle is a series of excursions to high-tech companies aimed at students of technical studies. Career Shuttle takes place every year for two weeks. Students who attend this event, go to the companies by bus and they are informed about projects, technologies as well as career opportunities by the company representatives.


IAESTE CaseWeek is a case study based Workshop Affair for students in major universities in Poland, where people from industry, companies (mostly huge, like: Saint Gobain, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Solaris etc - these u probably know) are asked to come up with a workshop idea from their "everyday problems" and present it to students. Then students try to solve the problems from their point of view. Fantastic way for students to experience real problems from the industry and for companies to find potential future employees.

IAESTE Career Fairs

A career fair is an event, typically lasting for a day or up to three days, held at a university. It enables students and companies to get in touch with one another. Especially students who are looking for a job see this as a great opportunity to be able to talk to many companies at once.

IAESTE Exchange Program

The IAESTE exchange program is the most popular international student exchange program specializing in science and technology.

IAESTE SCOPE 2013 - Summer of code in Czech Republic

IAESTE SCOPE is a unique experience for IT students to spend a summer with international professionals on developing IT solutions for state-of-the-art challenges from industry. For IT companies, SCOPE is the perfect opportunity, to have direct access to IT top talents and accompany them, while working on developing innovative solutions for tasks designed by your company.