IAESTE CaseWeek is a case study based Workshop Affair for students in major universities in Poland, where people from industry, companies (mostly huge, like: Saint Gobain, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Solaris etc - these u probably know) are asked to come up with a workshop idea from their "everyday problems" and present it to students. Then students try to solve the problems from their point of view. Fantastic way for students to experience real problems from the industry and for companies to find potential future employees.

Reasons to join IAESTE Case Week:

  • It is a project which joins in a practical way academic and industrial environments
  • Case study form creates unique and effective way of candidates selection for internships or future job offers
  • Participation in IAESTE CaseWeek creates a positive appearance of companies as employers on the best universities
  • We reach over 150 000 students from major technical and medical universities